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I am focusing all of my blogging efforts for the immediate future on my site.

I realize it is difficult to generate worthwhile and meaningful content if I bounce around. Rather than do something half-baked I am sticking with what I have been focused on for the past four years.

If you are planning for your retirement-to-be or if you are already retired but haven’t quite got everything figured out, I invite you to visit my site.

As I prepare myself to retire, I am doing my best to learn all there is to learn to prepare the way. On my site I share new discoveries, feedback from readers, hopefully helpful information and thoughts on the promise of living a fulfilling retirement.

I hope to see you there.

Dave Bernard

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Visit our new site

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Dear Readers,

I have decided to make a change in direction for the GoodNewsAlways blog.

Instead of looking for a bit of good news to share each day, I will be sharing stories and facts on bizarre, unique and generally far out facts specific to nature and our world.

I have always loved having a story to share about a strange reptile or bizarre insect or wild exotic location.

Now I will be sharing these with interested readers at my new blog:

I invite you to visit us – just getting off the ground but already finding some interesting tidbits for sure.

I thank you for your readership and hope to further entertain you at the new blog.

Best Regards

Dave Bernard

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Taking a breather

January 15th, 2011 admin No comments

Good News Always will be taking a temporary break as we review our direction and plan for the future.

With readership as low it is, we need to figure out what readers want to read so we can write it!

If you have any recommendations, please forward our way.

In the meantime,  we wish you Good News Always in your daily life.


Dave Bernard

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Facebook adds Amber Alert

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Our friends at Facebook are adding 53 pages – one for each state and territory – to support the Amber Alert system to help find missing children across the country. The “real world” Amber Alert system of signs and notices has had much success and brought back many missing children to their anxious families. With the ubiquitous spread of Facebook and social media tools, the Amber Alert efforts should become that much more effective. Keep your eyes open and your typing fingers ready as you may be able to play a part.

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Trusting mother lion

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Lions are not known ad the most trustworthy of beasts but there are exceptions to every rule. Take a look at this video of a mother lion who trusts one human being with her weeks old bundles of joy. Now THAT is a big cat!

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Got your goat?

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Good news for green weed whacking - do you have a field of weeds, briars, or other unsightly undergrowth that you would like to clear away while at the same time being environmentally sensitive? Look no farther – Goats R Us is just the ticket. For  a basic cost of $800 per acre, hungry goats will attack the problem at the root, responding to a combination of herding dogs and herding people. And they are thorough, leaving behind nothing in the way of vegetation. Of course, goats will be goats and they tend to leave behind their personal calling cards but just watch where you step and everything will be fine.

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